Life Insurance for CBA Members

Life Insurance can mean the difference between financial stability and financial disaster for your loved ones. Life insurance can also mean much more. Did you know…..?

  • Life Insurance can be an integral part of your estate planning. Smart planners use permanent life insurance to protect their loved ones from the ravages of estate taxes.
  • A permanent (cash value) life insurance policy can build significant cash value that can be accessed at any time in the future. This can mean tax-advantaged supplemental income for an early retirement or for your children’s college expenses.

Think About It…

  • Do you know how much life coverage your family needs to replace your income? How much would you need to pay your mortgage, feed your family and pay for your children’s education? Do you know how much coverage you currently carry?

Life policies offered:

  • Term Life: 10, 15, 20 or 30 year term plans from a variety of highly-rated companies. We’ll do the shopping for you to help you find the best pricing in the industry and present you with multiple quotes.
  • Permanent (cash value) life policies – Participating (dividend paying) Whole Life or Universal Life policies providing a permanent level of life insurance and the ability to accumulate cash values with tax advantages.

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